Movement, unpredictability and natural phenomena are common elements of the many things that fascinate Jimmy Anderegg. He not only finds inspiration in the organic nature of spontaneity, but also bases his studio practice on creating a process and style of work that attempts to walk a fine line between total chaos and utter control…to use glass as a vehicle to harmonize with improvisation.

Anderegg’s work merges the tradition of Venetian hot and cold glass working techniques with a contemporary design sensibility for the wild, exotic and unexpected. Each piece integrates a laborious layering of hot colored elements that undergo an equally laborious array of cold carving processes; finished compositions that reveal lively interior and exterior relationships between form, colored patterning and surface finish.

Although working by hand and towards a visual outcome, Anderegg is mostly interested in how each piece facilitates an unforeseen conversation between his hands, his eyes and his creative decision-making. Upon completion, each piece then becomes sculptural documentation of the dialogue between Anderegg’s intent and his intuition; resulting, in turn, as a collective body of work that is as much about the expressive potential of ritual activity as it is about the process of transformation.

2017: New Work
Expecting Series
Murrine Series
Bird Whistle Series
Inner Workings Series
Unique Works